Natural Mold Removal – The Eco-Friendlier Approach

Everything always has more than one side; be it a process, a state, a situation, a decision or simply an opinion. And as something within those everything, mold removal also has more than one side. Specifically, it has two sides which can be labeled as conventional and natural.

Even in the roles molds play, they can be viewed in two ways. Outdoors, molds are decomposing factors. They are a major player in the decomposition process which initiates a continuous flow in the ecosystem. Indoors mold is viewed as hazardous elements. It can cause health problems ranging from mild to serious cases.

Back to the approaches that can be used in a mold inspection and removal process, the two vary in many aspects. The most prominent can be seen on the products that each are using. Another thing that indicates their differences is on the steps of executing their processes.

Basically, the conventional method of mold removal is using conventional products. These products are usually chemical based. They can be mostly found on home improvement stores and are often easy to obtain. The chemical ingredients used on them however, are adding up to the health risks that molds are already presenting. In a sense, using conventional products in a mold removal process is just like getting rid of molds and then have it replaced with an equally hazardous element.

On the other hand, with natural mold removal, a softer yet effective approach is being offered. With it, not only you and the structure or item are being benefited but also the environment. The lack of chemical elements simply initiates a safer mold removal process.

In a natural mold removal, the product used can either be naturally enhanced or purely organic. By naturally enhanced, it means that they are commercial products made out of natural ingredients with no chemical elements. Whereas, purely organic means that they have not been altered in any way but can be mixed to produce effective mold removal concoctions.

Examples of organic mold removal product that you can use are the following;

Tea Tree Oil

This natural mold removal product can be used on walls, ceiling and even on musty items. Two teaspoon of it combined with two cups of water is enough to get rid of molds. Simply mix the two in a spray bottle for easier application.

Citrus Extract

This is a cheaper alternative to tea tree oil. It is also an effective natural mold removal product only that it is odorless. 20 drops of citrus to a 2 cups of water are what you will need to make the solution.

Both conventional and natural mold removal have the same good intention of making your home a safe place from mold infestation. However, between the two, the latter approach is the much better choice. With it, the environment is also being considered and cared.